Graffiti & Street Art Classes/Workshops

Learn Graffiti & Street Art with our Classes and Workshops

Our Graffiti & Street Art Classes and Workshops are perfect for:

  • Marketing/Event Companies seeking something unique for a client pitch
  • Companies looking for a Team Building activity
  • A group of friends or College Society
  • An Individual wanting to learn basic skills

All of our Classes and Workshops are fully customisable and scaleable. We can provide one-on-one tuition and have catered for 1000’s in a single day. Learn how to draw your own graffiti tag, make stencils and learn the basic skills of freehand painting in a fun and controlled environment. All of our Classes and Workshops are led by professional Artists who love to share their skills and teach others.

What do classes and workshops cover?
Our Graffiti & Street Art Classes and Workshops cover the following topics:

  • Ethics – We teach the importance of ethical painting and the responsibility that comes with spray painting
  • Materials Demonstration – We’ll show you how to use spray paint and the basic techniques involved
  • Graffiti Lettering – Learn to draw a graffiti tag and graffiti lettering
  • Characters – Create your own Graffiti or Street Art character
  • Street Art Stencils – Make and use your own Stencil (you can keep it afterwards!)
  • Spray Painting – The basic skills of Spray Painting including fills, fades, cutting in, drop shadows, outlines, 3D, shadows
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Where do you run classes and workshops?
You can come to us or we can come to you!

We have an amazing warehouse studio on Hyacinth Street in Dublin where we hold workshops. We also run our workshops on site for companies, in schools or at event venues.

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How long do classes and workshops run for?
 Workshops can run from 1-8 hours depending on your needs.

Crash Course Workshops last one hour. Participants get a small taster of everything during this time. Other workshops (generally for large events) can run all day for 8+ hours. Let us know what you have in mind and we can advise you on the perfect workshop duration.

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How much are classes?
Our Graffiti & Street Art Classes and Workshops are all completely unique to the company, group or individual enquiring.

Pricing varies based on the group size and structure of the workshop. Tell us your group size and event type and we will provide you with full costings that same day!

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When do you run the classes?
Our Graffiti & Street Art Classes and Workshops run 365 days a year! If you want to learn then we want to teach! Give us a date and we’ll let you know our availability.

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Who can do the classes and workshops?
Anyone! Through our Graffiti & Street Art Classes and Workshops we have thought children as young as five and adults so old we felt it would be rude to ask! Let us know your needs and we will tailor the workshop specifically for you.

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