Our most recent mural of Paul O’Connell in Limerick has created quite a stir amongst the sporting world! Less than twenty four after it’s completion it had featured on the 6 and 9 O’Clock news on RTÉ and had made the headlines of every major newspaper in the country and across many of the radio stations too.

We thought you would like an insight as to how the mural was created and why it was so popular so below is a step-by-step behind the scenes explanation of how we did it.


Before we ever pick up a can of spray paint to start our murals a lot of planning has to happen first. The idea needs to be strong in order for it to be a success.
We always have a quick brainstorm session and fire a few ideas around. In this case the brief was simple. Paint Paul O’Connell. But we felt that just painting the legend himself wouldn’t catch enough peoples attention (even if it was three storeys high). That’s where the quirky rhyme came in, a cheeky reminder to Toulon that Ireland owns Paul O’Connell and that he’s only on loan!
When the final idea is agreed on we then measure the wall space we will be working with. The design is tailored to fit the space (sometimes with a few design edits to get it just right).  It is then applied to an image of the wall space using Photoshop and Illustrator. Below is an early design version before the rhyme was introduced.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 15.34.27

Then, when the design is finalised we can pick out the colours needed for the mural. This is just a selection of the colours we used for this mural. Top tip: Always pack more paint than you need. There’s nothing worse than running out of a colour you can’t do without.  If you buy extra you’ll use it for something in the future.

IMG_0189     IMG_0190

There’s a few different ways of transferring an image from paper onto a massive wall. In this case we used a grid system whereby a square grid is drawn onto the image on paper (you can see it in the image of the green cans above). Then a large square grid is placed onto the wall using a chalk line (incredibly useful tool for this). The lines are faint in pictures but clearly visible when you are right beside the wall. They can be painted over or washed off at a later stage.


When the grid is up then it is just a matter of painting an outline on the wall to ensure everything sits in the right place. This will make your life easier later on when filling in all of the colour.
That’s all of the easy part finished. The hard part comes with adding colour to the wall and making every detail accurate. There’s a lot of fading and blending colours to get the tones just right. Patience is absolutely key for a mural like this. Here’s the rest of the process in picture form.

IMG_0187 IMG_0191 IMG_0195 IMG_0199 IMG_0229 IMG_0249 IMG_0240 IMG_0255

We will provide you with a full mural design service and put together a range of cost options absolutely free meaning you can see what your mural will look like and what it will cost without paying a cent.
If you have a space for a mural please call us on 0864136776 or email hello@alloutdesign.ie at any time and we will be happy to run you through things with you!
- All Out Design